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The Inside Stories video podcast features distinguished professionals, executives, consultants, speakers, and authors sharing practical tips, inspiring success stories, and valuable insights to inform and inspire today’s leaders and innovators. Join us biweekly for new episodes!

Upcoming Episodes

Inside Stories Podcast Episode 4

Kevin Smithwick’s experience on Implementing Project Management Methodologies Successfully

Join Dr. Leon Herszon on “Inside Stories” as he interviews Kevin Smithwick, Head of the Global PMO for a large multi-national medical devices company. Explore Kevin’s journey in project management, the challenges of implementing new methodologies, and the key success factors for transformation. Gain valuable insights and practical advice for today’s leaders!

Premieres Tuesday, July 30 at 11 AM EDT

Kevin Smithwick

Head of Global PMO

Inside Stories Podcast Episode 5

Roy Schilling insights on Successful Agile Transformations, and what Pitfalls to Avoid

Join Dr. Leon Herszon as he interviews Roy Schilling, an expert in agile transformations and a seasoned consultant. Explore the challenges organizations face during agile transitions, the key elements for success, and the potential pitfalls. Roy also discusses the future of AI in project management and shares success stories from his extensive experience. A must-listen for those interested in modernizing project management practices and embracing innovation!

Premieres Tuesday, August 13 at 11 AM EDT

Roy Schilling

Roy Schilling

Agile Transformation Senior Consultant

Inside Stories Podcast Episode 6

Cyndi Dionisio on Overcoming the Challenges to Select the Right Project Management Approach and How AI Can Help

Join Dr. Leon Herszon as he interviews Cyndi Dionisio, a renowned expert in Project, Program, and Portfolio Management. Gain insights into the common challenges faced by organizations, the key success factors for managing projects, and the less effective strategies to avoid. Cyndi also shares her passion for Hybrid Project Management and discusses the impact of emerging technologies and AI on the field. A valuable episode for leaders and project managers aiming to navigate today’s complexities successfully!

Premieres Tuesday, August 27 at 11 AM EDT

Cyndi Snyder Dionisio

Cyndi Snyder Dionisio

Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Expert

Past Episodes

Discover the journey of Dr. Ed Hoffman, former NASA Chief Knowledge Officer, Columbia professor, and author as he shares his insights on leadership, managing knowledge, people and projects, and the future of work. He also shares the key findings from his most recent book. Tune in for an inspiring and enlightening episode on “Inside Stories.”

NASA, Mission Project Management

Join Dr. Leon Herszon as he interviews Dr. Al Zeitoun, Global Leader and author in Strategy Execution, Operational Excellence, Organizational Development, Sustainable Transformations, and Program Management. Explore insights on organizational strategy, innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and effective program management in one of the largest global multi-industry companies. A must-listen for aspiring leaders and innovators!

Siemens, Innovation and Program Management

Inside Stories Podcast Episode 3

Jane Morgan shares about Change Management and Project Success

Tune in to “Inside Stories” with Jane Morgan, senior consultant and executive coach. Discover Jane’s journey, her expertise in one of the most crucial skills in today’s world – managing organizational change. An insightful episode filled with practical tips and inspiring success stories!

Jane Morgan

Change Management and Coaching

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