Why IIL Consulting

There are great consulting firms in the market, but IIL Consulting has some key differentiators that you should consider.


Many consulting companies will assess the problem and recommend solutions. IIL goes beyond to identify, develop, implement, and deliver these solutions. This includes:
  • Identifying the Needs from the Wants
  • Assessing the strategic competency gaps
  • Devising the best possible plan to achieve your goals within your constraints
  • Providing the necessary knowledge and skills improvement through training
  • Staying with you throughout the entire transformation journey


We can deliver the same quality level services that larger consulting firms deliver, but with a great advantage – IIL’s project management expertise. Most consulting firms, from small to large, have challenges to successfully manage projects and are always looking to improve their skills in this area. We excel in project, program, and portfolio management! We excel at Agile and hybrid approaches.


We have been serving clients for over 30 years, delivering learning solutions but also understanding our clients key challenges / pain points, allowing us to better support their needs. IIL supporting tools, such as knowledge and competency assessments help define the right training, for the right people, at the right time. We are experts in coaching, mentoring, recommending, and implementing improvements.


Our consultants have the necessary technical knowledge but more importantly, they have real world practical experience. They not only know the subject, but they have successfully implemented it. Our team includes world recognized experts like the Guru of Project Management, Dr. Harold Kerzner.


As a global organization, we can serve over 100 countries in 20 different languages.


We create strong and long-lasting partnerships, rather than buyer-supplier relationships. Most of these relationships span well over 15 years.
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