Project Management and Agile Skills Assessment

What are the critical skills, processes, and expectations for agile project managers?

IIL’s Project Management & Agile Skills Assessment provides a picture of your team’s overall Project Management and Agile knowledge and understanding.  We will customize the online assessment tool with 80-100 questions on the following topics:

  • Current PMBOK® Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Book of Knowledge from Project Management Institute)
  • Portfolio and Program Management
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Scaling Agile

Upon completion of the assessment, each participant will receive a total score. Our subject matter experts will compile a report that will include the scores in total, by each topic area and cross-tabulated with defined identifiers (e.g. region, roles, certifications, and years of experience). We will also include an overall summary, recommendations for improvements, and a roadmap for moving forward.

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