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Even the best employees need a little help sometimes, whether they need support in a new role, help in elevating their thinking, or a guiding hand from someone with deep experience in an area. Mentors provide the wisdom and insight gained by decades of experience tailored to meet the needs of the mentee.

Many leaders have deep skills in their area of technical expertise but may struggle with areas that are not as technical. Maybe they can use some help with strategic thinking, decision making, communication styles, or other areas. Coaching aids executives and other leaders to navigate challenges, enhance their performance, and achieve their goals.


IIL’s Mentoring Services provide guidance, wisdom, and support from experienced consultants to individuals and teams tasked with delivering strategic initiatives. IIL mentors are experienced project, program, or portfolio management professionals with many years of global industry experience. Our experienced PM Consultant Mentors work alongside your teams to provide help and guidance with planning, decision making, issue resolution, team leadership, and whatever is needed to ensure the success of your strategic initiatives.

We can help you establish a custom-built enterprise mentoring program, pairing experienced leaders with your upcoming leaders. Our mentoring programs span a year and include a kick-off training program incorporating mentoring and coaching skills transfer, regular check-ins, and help with goal development and performance tracking.

IIL’s Coaching Services elevate your leadership team’s capabilities through personalized coaching sessions aimed at enhancing decision-making, communication skills, and strategic thinking. We provide workshops focused on trust-building, effective communication, conflict resolution, and goal alignment. We can also deliver tailored coaching programs designed to boost productivity, motivation, and goal achievement within your organization.

Implementation Strategy

Our IIL Mentors leverage their expertise and experiences to offer guidance tailored to the specific needs and goals of the mentee. They provide perspective, share relevant experiences, and offer suggestions to help mentees navigate obstacles and make informed decisions. They act as sounding boards, providing constructive feedback and help mentees explore different approaches to problem-solving.

In addition, we work with clients to design and establish their own internal mentoring programs designed to leverage company-specific knowledge and experience to build the next generation of leaders within your business.


IIL’s Corporate Coaches work closely with individuals or groups to unlock their potential. These services are grounded in the belief that clients have the answers within them, and that the coach’s role is to facilitate the discovery and realization of these solutions.

Coaching typically begins with a deep exploration of the client’s current situation, aspirations, values, strengths, and areas for growth. Through active listening, powerful questioning, and feedback, coaches help clients gain clarity and insight into their objectives that guide the coaching journey. Our coaches employ various methodologies and tools tailored to the individual needs of their clients. They draw from positive psychology, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and behavioral sciences to provide frameworks and techniques that support personal and professional growth.

Our coaches offer encouragement, challenge limiting beliefs, and provide ongoing guidance to help clients stay focused and motivated. They assist in identifying and overcoming obstacles, developing action plans, and refining strategies to achieve desired outcomes. They create a safe and confidential space where clients can freely express themselves, explore possibilities, experiment with new behaviors, and reflect. 


The impact of mentoring services goes beyond the immediate guidance provided. Mentees often develop stronger networks, increased self-awareness, enhanced critical thinking skills, and a clearer understanding of their career paths. Additionally, mentoring relationships can evolve into long-lasting connections that continue to offer support and guidance even after the formal mentoring engagement concludes.

The impact of coaching services extends beyond immediate goals, fostering long-term personal and professional development. Clients report more harmonious team environments, enhanced confidence, improved decision-making skills, better relationships, and a stronger sense of purpose and an ability to deal more effectively within this increasingly complex and ambiguous world.

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