IIL Consulting: PMO Creation and Implementation

PMOs of the future are Value Delivery Offices


Whether you have an existing Project Management Office (PMO), are looking to enhance your PMO, or are implementing a new PMO, IIL can help you architect and deploy the methodology, services, and functions to achieve the highest rate of return at speed.


Planning for a PMO or Value Delivery Office (VDO) begins with tailoring the services and functions to the needs of the organization and the stakeholders. This information guides the PMO architecture to ensure it is delivering value from Day One.

Successful deployment is a function of a well-designed change management strategy to ensure stakeholders are engaged and supportive of the initiative. This enables the transition into an effective operating unit that delivers tangible benefits to the organization.

Implementation Strategy

IIL’s approach begins with an analysis of the current environment which includes the organizational culture, leadership style, and capabilities. This is followed by a strategic dialogue with leadership to determine the highest priority drivers of value.

Once the priorities are established, the PMO structure, governance, and KPIs that support those priorities are established. Planning for the implementation includes determining the methodology, services and functions that will be provided along with a tailored Roadmap for Implementation.

In addition to the Implementation Roadmap, IIL supports the enablers for success such providing recommendations on staffing and the capabilities needed to realize the intended benefits. One of the most important drivers of success is a robust change management strategy, including stakeholder engagement and communication.

We support the initial success of the PMO with training and coaching where needed. Continued success is fostered with our PMO Maturity Model which supports ongoing growth and achievement.


A well-architected PMO benefits the organization by having projects that are better aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives. Efficiency is increased as a result of having consistent methodologies, processes, metrics, and reporting.

Text BoxProject schedule and budget performance improves due to the resource optimization, knowledge sharing, training, and risk management that a PMO can provide.

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